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I’m Giving Up Potato Chips

I’m Giving Up Potato Chips

And Embracing My Life & My Body as a Temple!

Happy New Year Sexy Friends!

It’s a few days into the New Year and a perfect time to check in on your goals and intentions! Are you on track? Off track? Or maybe you’re still trying to set goals? No matter where you are it’s perfect, which is the heart of my message. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already gone off track somewhere!

In my December 2014 newsletter I wrote about the difference between goals and intentions and shared what I created for last year, but not this year. I have everything created and want to share with my sexiest friends! I hope you created yours for 2015 and share with me on the Blog, Facebook or even by email Here . I want to know what you are up to!

This year I created the possibility of being the Outrageous Expansion of Love, Freedom & Fun! This possibility in essence becomes my “context” for the year. It’s what I’m committed to at all times. If I lose my focus, feel upset or bored I can simply re-presence my commitment. So, how does that apply in real life?

If I have a day that I’m cranky, bored, or even upset; instead of letting that spiral and ruin my day I’ll check in with my possibility and intentions. I’ll ask myself “How can I cause outrageous Love, Freedom or Fun right now?” Sometimes its as simple as picking up the phone and seeing how somebody is doing! Or sending a flirty text to a man I like. A lot of the time I will take a 15-minute meditation break. The easiest, which I do a lot, is creating a party and make up a theme. Before I know it, any funk I had is gone and it’s cheaper than shopping!

As I was formulating my five intentions for 2015, the message of “practice” kept coming up. It finally hit me over the head one night when I got frustrated because I couldn’t do a yoga pose. My teacher said, “Yoga is a practice. Just keep practicing and you’ll get there.” She was so right, and her words popped everything open. I’ve proven that to be true with other poses and in my life. So I chose to take practice to a new level this year and here’s why.

I was introduced to yoga in January of 2012, via a yoga-pole dancing class! I tried yoga once a few months before then, but honestly I was too fat for the poses, fell over a lot and couldn’t stand the view from Downward dog. Yoga required everything I did NOT have: mindfulness (presence), good habits (eating, sleeping, meditation, low stress), discipline (shopaholic, workaholic, “foodaholic”, “love-sexaholic”), patience (always in a hurry and busy) and Liberation. I didn’t have any freedom – I was a slave to my life and it was costing my health and soul.

Over the course of the last 3 years I radically changed my life and the practice of yoga was at the core of it all. It started with that great yoga class, and then over time I quit caffeine, sugar, alcohol and meat to become 98% vegan. I sold my house, left my career, ended unhealthy relationships, stopped shopping; down-sized, moved, expanded my social circle and I even started dating! I transformed my leadership, spirituality, emotions and even my intuition. I eliminated ALL my vices. I did not leave any stone unturned. The one little vice I picked up along the way however, was potato chips.

I was never a big potato chip eater and could even pass up the free snack bags at work. Then as my career was winding down the stress levels got so high I couldn’t manage it. All my vices were gone and I had no idea how to “be” with all that feeling. Those little cans of Pringles (of all things!) became my go to and gave me relief at a difficult time.

Life remained pretty stressful becoming self-employed so potato chips would find their way in my buggy or pantry – assuming the bag made it out of the car. If it did make it, life expectancy in the pantry never exceeded 2 days. This wasn’t every day, but it was consistent with high stress, loneliness or boredom. At my worst, I bought two different flavors of snack chips because I couldn’t decide. Or I’d eat a whole big bag in no time flat. It also wasn’t uncommon for me to grab my healthy dinner and a snack bag of Malt Vinegar chips after yoga!

So what do potato chips have to do with practice? Here’s the thing, I never used to eat potato chips. They weren’t my snack of choice. They are fried, loaded in fat, and make my skin break out – nothing about them aligns with my healthy life. I essentially taught myself a new practice – potato chips to relieve stress. This is not a practice I want or for it to become a habit.

So, I’m choosing to give up potato chips for the year – and going public about it. Now, I’m right where I was before the chips – feeling raw, vulnerable and without any vices to handle the roller coaster of life.

So now what? How will I handle everything?

It’s time to practice. For years I had been in constant action, trying to learn more, do more, or study more. I was on a constant, never ending quest for knowledge. The last year I’d taken extreme measures to force behavior and habit changes (going vegan, leaving a steady pay check, downsizing, etc.) It was a world of doing, not being.

So I’m choosing to BE this year. As some say, to practice being the “awakening Buddha”. To allow and surrender to my higher self and the Divine source that enlivens me.

It’s time to BE who I have created myself to be in the world. I’m exactly where I want to be and not exactly where I thought I would be. And it’s PERFECT right where I am. So consider, wherever you are is perfect too! Every moment is an opportunity to create the next moment, just start!

I’m starting now by sharing with you and I hope its inspiring!

What I’m adding to practice is transparency, thus the potato chip revelation. I’m the master at hiding, avoiding vulnerability and keeping myself numb. I’ve waited long enough to tell my story or what really goes on in the world of a sexual wellness expert. So this is the year of transparent practice!

I’m going to share my story, how and why I got into sexual wellness. Why and how I got rid of all my vices and how you can too! Plus I’ll share my secrets to “Make Love to Life!” with Sextacular® intimacy, love and sex. I’ll share how I make sexy a part of everything in life, not just sex. I’ll even be sharing the real goodies like G-Spot Bliss© and my juicy secrets to heat up ecstasy in the bedroom. Stay tuned and share this newsletter with your friends!

Who said “Transparent Practice” had to be serious and not sexy-fun?

Everything is sexy in my world and I want you to have it too! So here are my intentions for the year, which I’ve turned into “mantras”. Simply because then I can say them over and over and in a moment of choice, it helps me choose well.

Dr. Lori’s 2015 Intentions-Mantras-Practices

1. Wellness First
2. My Body is My Temple
3. Love is my Playground
4. Business is my Adventure
5. Life is My Game

Don’t think I haven’t been tested! New Year’s Day I did NOT want to get out of bed and go to yoga. I recited my mantra “wellness first” and “my body is my temple” from the moment I got out of bed until I pulled up to the studio. It’s the only thing that got me there. I did the same thing at the grocery store yesterday when I found myself looking at a bag of potato chips (that I did not buy!)

This may not be the perfect solution or the solution for you, but it’s working for me and I’m taking it to a whole new level this year. I’m going to fall down, but like yoga it’s a practice. I just need to get back up and try again.

I would love for you to join me on the journey and share yours!

Happy New Year! Check out the fun things I have planned and let’s make it the sexiest year yet!

Dr. Lori


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