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Every Women Should Own Red Shoes

Every Women Should Own Red Shoes

3 Sexy Must Haves

There are 3 things every woman must have that will ignite her sexiness like a firecracker!

Before I tell you what they are, it’s important to understand how to light the firecracker or all you get is an anti-climatic dud. I promise a good firework show with these three simple items.

People often say how sexy I am or that I just “ooze sex”. Even on my worst day someone will say “But you’re so sexy!” I really have no idea what they are talking about because I never try to “BE sexy”. I’m just me. I will however, tell you what I tend to do that may ooze out as sexy.

I live my life full out every day (even bad days) and I do things just because! I do it because they are juicy, or what you aren’t supposed to do, or because it feels good or it goes against the norm or just because I WANT to!

For example, today I drank fresh squeezed orange juice out of a crystal glass by myself on a beautiful Sunday morning. You might be saying how in the world is that sexy? Or assume it falls after a blissful morning romp, a romanced filled Valentine weekend or some hunky Casanova who’s going to stroll into my kitchen an have me for breakfast on the counter!

Whether any of that is true or not, it’s sexy because I’m indulging myself! I could have been lazy and let the abundance of fresh Arizona oranges go bad and never made juice. I could have used an everyday glass or I could have said I’m not squeezing orange juice just for myself — “that’s silly.” Or like some, they wait for the hunky Casanova to do anything sexy. I never wait.

Instead, I totally indulge myself right here, right now with exactly what I have. This is the “magic” formula.

What I had was a huge bowl of oranges, a quiet morning and beautiful crystal. Why not? I indulged in all my senses — a rumbling stomach, the pleasure of twisting juicy oranges and licking it off my fingers. The slight excitement of using luxurious crystal all by myself, the sweet and tangy tastes swirling on my tongue and lips with enough sweet on them that Casanova wishes he were in my kitchen!

I believe that indulging our selves (in a healthy way) and enjoying all our senses is the magic behind sexy!

Sexy is a feeling from the inside out and how you express that feeling, every day!

No one is born sexy. It’s a derived state of being that originates from healthy self-esteem and self worth. That isn’t to say that everyone who has that healthy self-confidence feels sexy — they may or they may not. Nor is it saying someone who does not have self-confidence doesn’t ever feel sexy, they can. I’m saying that when someone has healthy self-confidence they will have fresh squeezed orange juice in crystal just because they want to indulge themselves, and that is sexy!

It’s also the spark necessary to light firecrackers of sexiness day after day versus fleeting moments. Once your willingness to indulge in pleasure is going, you can make anything sexy! Someone asked me the other day how tomatoes could be considered a sexy “love” fruit. I erotically described how to be sexy eating a tomato all the way down to the juice dripping off the chin. Not only did a gay man admit he got turned on, but that he would buy that audio on tape and listen to it repeatedly. It was just a tomato!

ANYTHING can be sexy if you have the ‘spark to light the fire’ — or the willingness to indulge in the pleasures of everything in life. On that note, there are three things I think every woman should own that will bring her self-pleasure pleasure with a partner if she has one.

ladies shoesChristian Louboutin Vendome

The first is a sexy pair of red shoes.

They don’t have to be 4” Louboutin’s (although these do set the bar) they should just have some heel to show off your calf and feel sexy. I recommend a red that gives your heart a thrill when you see them, maybe a peep toe to show pretty toenails and something that takes you just beyond what you would normally buy! Or a sexy pair of red boots will do the trick — I own several of both and more red shoes than I’m willing to admit. Then it’s time to indulge! Wear them to an event you’d never dream of wearing them to, or add them to “pop” out an outfit and start conversations. (And trust me, they always start conversations with both men and women!) Or wear them to feel sexy on a day you feel bloated with PMS. You can’t go wrong with red shoes and if you’re feeling adventurous, make love in a pair of red heels and nothing else! That will light everyone’s firecracker!

The second item is a red bra.

I’m shocked at how many gorgeous women tell me they only have a nude bra. (Maybe that is why people think I’m sexy — I didn’t buy a nude bra until I was in my 40’s!) I don’t care if the red bra is from Wal-Mart or Nordstrom’s, just buy a red bra. You will not be able to wear it with everything but you only need to wear it once to feel like a sexy vixen! Much like the shoes, wear it when you never would, or to a PTA event or be brave and let the red strap show enticing the imagination, or even a see through shirt. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel sexy wearing it! Add a pretty pair of panties (or not) and your red shoes and walk around or vacuum, it doesn’t matter as long as you are indulging your senses. Beware — if you vacuum in a red bra, panties and red high heels your partner will instantly turn into Casanova and vacuuming will not be on his mind! Which is all the more reason to do just that! PLEASE, do not live this life without owning a red bra!

The third item is sexy a pair of satin sheets.

I recommend red, but that’s me! The color doesn’t matter as long as it’s indulgent. The elegant luxury of pink, blue, white or black satin on your naked body is the finale of the firework show! There is nothing more glorious than the feel of satin (or velvet) on naked skin, or in a red bra or wearing red shoes. I don’t even need to tell you what to do next except indulge yourself in every sense and pleasure on that land of satin (alone or with a partner!) and the firework show will be one of the best ever!

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