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“Be My Valentine!”

“Be My Valentine!”

Bringing the Sweet Back Without the Candy

When was the last time someone asked you to “Be my Valentine?

If you’re anything like me (and let’s hope you aren’t), it was probably 4th or 5th grade when the boy in school you didn’t like asked you. And the boy you vowed to love forever asked your best friend! Young heartbreak, all via a 2×3 flimsy valentine with a candy heart that said “Be Mine”.

Now, I’m not really counting ex-boyfriends or an ex husband. I can think of one or two Valentine days with sweet gifts, an argument and fun make up. I’m also not considering the thoughtful Valentine cards from girlfriends or kids who ask in sweet handmade pictures! I’m talking about the request that makes your heart flutter and your stomach flip. The one that leaves you lingering to kiss and tingling in all the right places!

190 Million Valentine cards are sent every year according the US Greeting Card association (not including children or teachers!) In 2010, an estimated 15 million e-valentine Cards were sent.

We can hope for our fantasy romance and that flutter that Disney dreams are made of – or we can cause it! Life is precious and I’ve learned to make my own heart flutter instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. I believe in true love, love at first site and all that good stuff, but I also believe LOVEshould be celebrated every day in every moment. We can use a historical event turned commercialized-romance to sell candy, cards and chocolate, or we can just use our hearts in the moment. And you don’t even need to be in love…

I invite you to ask everyone to be your Valentine this year and spread the Love!

It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, attached, un-attached, polyamorous, straight, gay, young, old, purple or blue. LOVE is the common bond and this is your chance to BE LOVE for others!

It might look like leaving sweet mysterious notes in a briefcase, office desk, child’s lunch box or friend’s mailbox. It could be a phone call telling someone how much you love him or her. It might be tickets to a car race, a night of free babysitting. It could be a fun night of role-playing or just hot sex for your partner.

Or maybe it’s cooking someone dinner, sharing a movie or taking a child to the park. It might be asking the couple next to you how long they’ve been married and letting them experience their love in the eyes of another. It might just be telling the clerk at the store, thank you for working today and being happy. Maybe you buy the person behind you in line a free coffee, or help someone cross the street.

But I assert if you walk around for the rest of the week either imagining or asking everyone in your path to “Be your Valentine” and then you acted like you were his or her Valentine, Love would be in the air everywhere! A partner would go to work smiling, the clerk would be left at the counter appreciated, a child loved, a grandparent joyful and I promise, your heart will be much fuller! No candy needed…

More Sextacular®YOU! tips coming for the sweetest Valentine’s Day ever. Please visit my website at and make it a Sextacular Day! ~ Dr. Lori

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