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Five Easy Ways to Make Love to Life Today

Five Easy Ways to Make Love to Life Today

When people hear “make love” they always assume it’s about sex, and it kind of is. That’s because it’s generally used in the of context of two people coming together sexually to make Love. In reality, most of people go into sexual activity to get something and hopefully give something. That is one way to have sex, but certainly not the only way – there is slow sex, tantric sex, fifty shades sex. What if everybody went into sexual activity or life to make more Love ?(50 Shades blog coming soon!)

What occurs during an intimate union between two people is an exchange of energy. This blissful energy is healthy, healing and made up of Love. The key word is intimate – people can be physically close without intimacy and definitely exchange energy! This is a one night stand or what I like to call a fast food “drive-by sex.” Watch for the upcoming blog on drive by sex…

Or we can have deep, true intimacy – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Which is what I like to call “five-star sex”, classy service, five courses you savor over hours, tastes that tantalizes, wine that enlivens and desserts that make you want to take your clothes off! It’s the five-star sex. (Watch for my upcoming Five-Star Sex blog)

In today’s world and relationships, there isn’t a lot of five-star sex, it’s more drive-by sex. People are consumed by busy syndrome and no one has time to have a five star meal all the time, never mind five-star sex. Even more so, people do not have the intimacy they need and desire in their lives or relationships.

Stay tuned to my blog to learn how to end drive-by sex. In the meantime here are five easy ways to increase the intimacy and love in your life right now:

#1 Choose to BE Love.  In a nutshell, stop blaming everyone else for your unhappiness and give more love. It’s how you’ll get more love!

Everything starts with us. Take on that YOU are the one to cause your life, your results, your world and everything around you. People more often than not have their dissatisfaction, frustrations, upsets, etc. “over there” with other people. “My husband never takes me out.” “My wife never wants sex.” “I’m the only one to take care of my family.” “My boss is a jerk.” If you’re willing to give ALL that up and just BE more loving every day in any way, your world will shift. We are the creators of our life.

#2 “Make Love to Life!©”is a choice to live a mindful life where you stop to smell the roses. It’s being present and in the now.

We can’t always have a five hour, five star, five course meals or sex. But we can ALL take 30 seconds to stop and smell a rose, be present in the moment and savor what is happening. This is making love to life. For example, while cooking allow yourself to feel ecstasy from the fresh vegetables, the colors, the textures, the smells and how they taste. It’s gardening with intentional love to grow something of beauty. It’s painting a picture with fervor that provides love and pleasure to others. You can make love to everything if you are present and mindful.

#3 Generate sexiness. Don’t wait for somebody to make you feel sexy, make yourself feel sexy!

No one feels sexy ALL the time, but I sure do try. I feel sexy about 80% of the time but only because I’m intentional and I choose to generate it myself. Sexy doesn’t mean sex either – it’s a loving energy that fuels my creative passions, my business, my cooking, entertaining – essentially everything I do. There are many days I don’t feel it and I have to cultivate it. I do this by wearing sexy lingerie, putting on a pair of red shoes, wearing perfume to bed, playing good music, spraying my sheets with scent, cooking a great meal or doing my hair different. A lot of times it’s just a smile to a handsome stranger. I do anything that wakes up my senses and gives others a spark of energy. The key is causing it yourself and not waiting.

#4 Share Your Sexy. This is easy – give away your sexy feeling and enroll others into being sexy!

Having a dinner party or girls night out? Tell everyone to dress sexy and your party will take on a new vibe. Your husband comes home exhausted and grumpy? Get playful and climb on his lap kissing him and share all your feminine energy with him, he’ll love it. Get a hot waiter or waitress? Flirt with them and have some fun, it will make their day. Enroll others in being sexy and give it away.

#5 Make it up as you go. There are no rules to life, love or being sexy. Do what feels good.

I’ve made up my entire life! I make up stuff all the time, cause it, live it and start all over. When it comes to sexy I simply honor my senses, my feelings and make stuff up. Sometimes when I’m shopping I get a wild hair and try on fancy cocktail dresses. Or I’ll make a playlist of exotic music from another culture. Or maybe I’ll indulge in a massage in the middle of a work day because it feels more like playing hooky. Make it up and have fun along the way.

What if everybody went into LIFE to make more Love?

If everybody lived life this way, we would have a whole lot of fun, love and possibly world peace. It’s hard to fight when you’re feeling sexy and being Love. That’s exactly why the motto for the Sextacular®programs, education and coaching is “Make Love to Life!”© To learn more visit www.sextacularyou.comand join my mailing list!

Be the sexiest you that you can be today!

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